Schedule As of 8/01/2022

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Muay Thai -  The Art of 8 limbs. Muay Thai is kickboxing at its highest level. One of the most effective forms of striking. Most popular among professional cage fighters.


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu -  This is where all your ground game comes into affect. BJJ is the art of submission, think of it as Wrestling but more strategic and deadly. There is no striking in BJJ but it is one of the best arts to learn for protecting yourself in the real world.

MMA - We offer MMA training for amateur & pro cage fighters or anyone that just wants to be more well rounded with their skills. MMA is where we build the bridge between striking and grappling. MMA is practically an art of its own these days and has become really popular in recent years.

Cardio Kickboxing - One of the best fitness routines out there. Fast paced kickboxing intervals for 45 min will have that extra fat melting off you. This class isn't an art but we will sharpen up your technique along the way. Unlike our competition, we will teach you how to throw a REAL punch and get in shape faster.